BAXTER'S NEW BOOK!! "A Commotion In Rhyme"!!

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Baxter Black's "A Commotion In Rhyme" Book

THE BOOKS ARE HERE!  THE BOOKS ARE HERE!  We are very excited that Baxter's new book is now in stock.  If you have pre-ordered, your book is on it's way.  If you were waiting for them to arrive you can now order!  Thanks so much for your patience!


This is a book that shows cowboy poetry is still alive anywhere you find a sweaty saddle blanket, a green colt and someone who survived the wreck long enough to tell the story!  Full of commotion which explores the depths of cowboy wisdom, frivolities, mishaps and good deeds.

It's a collection of tall tales and poems even urbanites can laugh at!  You can trust Baxter to respect family values, although road apples and cow pie appear occasionally.

Illustrated by a hatful of America’s greatest cowboy cartoonists.  9 ½ x 6 ½, 260 pages, hardback.

Operating instructions:
Remember, poetry is meant to be read, recited, performed, signed and/or spoken aloud. So, even if you're sitting in the tack room quietly reading to least move your lips!

$24.95 plus shipping