More Baxter Songs by Jim Schafer

That's right, folks. There are more Baxter songs.  Lots of them.

While immersed in writing his poems and stories, he also wrote songs - the majority of which are about cowboys, their lives anad loves, hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations, succcesses and failures. This CD, which contains thirteen of his best, explores Baxter's turbulent years from the heartbreak of "Someties I Think I Still Love You" to the whimsical "One If By Sam."

Guitarist and singer Jim Schafer has a real handle on these tunes and performs them in true cowboy style.  With masterful recording and mixing by Butch Hause and accompaniment by some of the best musicians and singers in the business, these thirteen tracks have been polished to near perfection.

So treat yourself to "More Baxter Songs." This CD should be standard equipment in any vehicle, right along with a good dog and a rope with less than three knots in it.


Tell Me About Time She's Not You
One Kansas Night Rose of Coahuilla
Leave Her Be The Last of the Singing Cowboys
Down Payment On a Dream One If By Sam
Sometimes I Think I Still Love You The Strangest of Places
The High Cost of Loving Let It Lay
I'm Not Too Good at Goodbyes