Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky? Unabridged Audio Book

That's right, Lick is back! In full stereo! Over 7 hours of the best-selling rodeo novel ever! Read by the author, who truly understands the voice inflections of Lick, Lilac, Pinto the hard luck genie and even the eliminator bull, Kamikaze!

Along the way, Lick and Cody encounter Cow Power, women, Bingham County police, good ol'boy Texas billionaires, purple curtain dye - plus, enough adventure, romance, and intrigue to fill 7 CD's!



Cowboy Magazine

This is the seven-hour, 5 CD audio version of Baxter's popular rodeo novel. Now, without turning a page, you can listen to the wild and crazy, unabridged adventures of Lick and Cody as they go down the rodeo road and tangle with buckle bunnies, law enforcement personnel, high rollers, and an intimidating eliminator bull named Kamikaze. What makes this better than most books-on-cd, is that author Baxter Black is the one doing the reading. Everyone who's ever seen Baxter in person knows what a great performer he is, and what makes this CD set exceptional is that Baxter literally "performs" his book. He personally demonstrates how Lick, Lilac, Pinto and Cody are supposed to sound. It's kind of an enriched version of novel presentation.  Really Cool!   - Cowboy Magazine