Cowboy Mentality plus The Big One That Got Away Blues

“He’s no Teddy Roosevelt,” says the local game warden.  Still, Baxter Black has spent most of his life outdoors.

This double CD set features stories and poems about cowboy adventures, wrecks, and philosophy.

Ranch Rodeo, Shoein’ Pigeye, Prolapse from the Black Lagoon,and Calving Nighty to name a few!  Also includes Deer Rasslin’, Goose Season, Demon Chili and other excitement from the great outdoors.  OVER TWO HOURS!

DISC 1 - Cowboy Mentality:                 DISC 2 - The Big One That Got Away Blues:

1. Cowboy Mentality                                                       1. The Big One That Got Away Blues

2. All Ranch Rodeo                                                         2. Hunter's Son

3. Cowboy Bride                                                            3. Diana, Goddess of the Hunt

4. Veterinary Diagnostic Voice Mail                          4. Deer Rasslin'

5. Border Collie Soliloquy                                             5. Goose Season

6. Shoein' Pigeye                                                            6. Chicken Run

7. Horse Mumbler                                                         7. Demon Chili

8. Prolapse from the Black Lagoon                            8. Hunting Camp Cook

9. Calving Nighty                                                          9. Outfitter's Jerky

10. Grafting Calves                                                      10. Elk Hunt

11. Night Man in the Heifer Lot                                 11. Visiting Dogs

12. It's What I Do                                                         12. Ol' Rookie

13. Frank and Flynt                                                     13. Wilderness Wall

14. My Kinda Truck/Car Wash                                 14. The Toast

15. Duck and Run Olympics                                      15. Trouting

16. Cajun Dance                                                         16. Perfect Gift

17. Keep It Cowboy                                                    17. Cowboy Ghost Story

                                                                                      18. Cowboy's Curse