Baxter's Songs by Jim Schafer Audio CD

Most everyone knows Baxter as a premier cowboy poet and entertainer, but he has also been a prolific songwriter!  Baxter's songs cover a wide range of subjects, and Jim Schafer has managed to capture the essense of Baxter's songs.  Says Baxter: "Jim knows my songs better than I do. He sings 'em with his heart, and he's my friend. And that means more to me than having a cut on an Elvis album."   Contents:

Colorado Cowboy There ain't No Use Lying to Me
Running Out of Sunsets I Like It Already
Ship My Body Back to Texas In My Dreams
Thelma Conchita Diabla del Rey Escabel
Rose of Coahuilla I Couldn't Feel Worse if I Tried
Under That Mexico Moon Some Men Are Eagles
Chasin' the Moon by the Tail