Baxter Black Amongst Friends


A two hour (2 CD) live performance of Baxter's most popular poems and stories;  some classic, some new, and guaranteed hilarious! If your world involves cows, horses, vet med, farming, rodeo, ranching and cowboys, it is right down your alley!

The bonus DVD is an animated presentation of Baxter's classic dramatic poem, The Buckskin Mare.


DISC 1                                                                  DISC 2                                         BONUS DVD

1. Forward, Butch Hause                                     1. Fetal Eye View                         THE BUCKSIN MARE

2. Stage Introduction                                            2. Duck and Run Olympics

3. Dunny and the Duck                                        3. Sellin' Prewitt's Cow

4. Utah Cowboy                                                    4. The Oyster

5. Gerald Two Bears                                            5. Prolapse from the Black Lagoon

6. Long Way Home                                              6. Calvin' Nighty

7. Shoein' Pigeye                                                  7. Blazin' Bloats

8. Cowboy Mentality                                           8. Of The Land

9. Bull Riding                                                       9. Closing Thanx

10. Header and Heeler                                       10. Tissue On The Range

11.  60 Foot Rope                                              

12. The Phone Call

13. Cow Attack