Tinsel, Mistletoe & Reindeer Bait!

A bold, merry and touching hardback book meant to please the eye and entertain the reader!  It treats Christmas with respect and joy, laughter and reverence, chuckles and grace.  Appeals to all ages and may become a holiday tradition for years to come.

It is a hardcover, full color, 8.5 x11.25 book, 56 page, $21.95.



Cowboy writer and poet Baxter Black has done it again in Tinsel, Mistletoe & Reindeer Bait.  In a mix of poetry and essays, Black is equal parts silly and sentimental, and illustrations by several artists accentuate the feelings his words invoke. The book is divided into two sections, Fun and Faith.  In “What’s Christmas To A Cow?” Black ponders what the bovine ilk might think of the holiday: “Did we just miss the mistletoe? Did all the clues elude us? Does she believe in Santa Claus or just Santa Gertrudis?”  “A Christmas Tree” is a touching poem about the true value of that tree: “Even the scraggliest Christmas tree, seems to have some dignity, guarding the gifts below.”  “Down on the Farm” is a short essay about the value of Christmas in the country.  And “The Last Burro” is the tale of a lonely donkey that ended up with a special job.  Certain to become a family treasure. - Western Horseman Magazine



The ever clever Mr. Black is back for the holidays, with a mixed bag of goodies!  Broken into two sections labeled (accurately) “Fun” and “Faith,” the book contains a number of fan favorites from both categories.  In one piece Baxter asks the burning question “What’s Christmas To A Cow?” Who else would envision bovines choosing whether to believe in Santa Claus or Santa Gertrudis?  Or try “How The Angel Got On Top Of The Tree” with its profoundly painful mental picture conjured up of the angel asking ‘Santy’ the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time!  There’s a nutty “Christmas Gift Exchange on The Farm” that will make you wonder if that desert air Baxter breathes is full of ‘provocatives!” The “Fun” section is chock full of Santy tails for the kidder in all of us. On Christmas Eve, put the wee ones to bed, then pull this out…and try not to wake everybody up giggling and snorting. In Part Two (the “Faith” part), the content is obvious and specific.The book is “gleefully illustrated” (the publisher’s words but I concur) by Wally Badgett, Bob Black, Don Gill, Dave Holl, Charlie Marsh, Herb Mignery and Bill Patterson.  Fifty-six pages. Recommended! The Western Way Magazine

I loved your latest book. Your combination of compassion and weirdness is unique.

My cat is now reading it and purring softly. A good sign!



A beautifully illustrated collection of home spun, cowboy perspectives on Christmas that masterfully blends fun and faith, conviction and culture.  Rev (Dr.) Jerry W. Black, Retired


With visions of an exasperated Santa, reindeer with the flu, cowboys, sheep herders, donkeys and camp fires, both the traditions of culture and the miracle of Christmas are reborn in this masterful blend of fun and faith.  JERRY


I was pleased to be asked to review this compilation by my two old friends:  Bax The Cowboy Maniac and Dr. Black, the wise, inspirational commentator.  Same man, different displays of genius.  "Tinsel, Mistletoe and Reindeer Bait" showcases Baxter's unique talents in a blend of the bizarre and serious, rock-solid devotion to Christian faith.  The banter surrounding Ewe and Eye had me confused, but "Faith in Christmas" left no doubt what Bax believes and why. Charlie


Cowboy poet saves Christmas and housewife’s sanity! 

Sifting through piles of mail that accumulated during a 10 day end-of-summer vacation, I am relishing the after-glow of having taken some much needed time off.

What’s this?  A thick envelope of Christmas cards!  It’s not even Halloween yet!  How far away is Christmas?  A little more than 100 days?  Yikes!  And I haven’t even started my shopping yet!  A feeling of panic begins to bubble in my core.

At the bottom of the pile what should appear but another thick packet, this one larger and from my friend Baxter Black.  I tear open the envelope and draw out its contents.  Greeting my wondering eyes is a book of Christmas poems and stories told with humor and faith by cowboys and critters in true Baxter Black fashion. 

I grant myself a brief reprieve and give it a quick read.  Slowly I begin to relax and smile and heave a sigh of relief.  The beauty, the excitement, the true meaning of Christmas is safe.  All’s well in our corner of the world.  Thanks, Baxter.




At a time when political correctness seeks to diminish or do away with Christmas altogether Baxter, with his unique perspective, reminds us the events of Christmas day changed human history forever and that the extraordinary is almost always cloaked in the ordinary    



To this woman, gettin' a Baxter book is like having some one set a bowl of M&Ms in front of me. There is just no way to stop eating or reading until the bowl is empty and the book is devoured. How lucky are we to have Baxter in such great form to put together his smile tickling Christmas stories from both sides of the season, Christian and Santa, with the illustrators who seem to be able to see into is mind and follow his lead. WOW! Imagine: an Angel named Floyd! Who but Baxter---well you know. This is a real keeper that will be enjoyed year after year, kid after kid, horse after horse.




Baxter Black has been a feature in The Burlington Record since March of 1984.

His column appears each week and as editor I preview all the coming attractions.

Tinsel, Mistletoe & Reindeer Bait, By Baxter Black arrived on my desk.

I wasn't prepared for such a colorful book, printed on silk stock with lithograph printing — colors reproduced perfectly.  It's a collection of poems, anecdotes and illustrations about the Christmas season and in BB fashion he did it up brown. Some of the illustrations are downright hilarious and others tug a little at your heart. At the end of the book BB introduces all of his illustrators to the reader. As a BB fan I enjoyed learning what a cow thought of Christmas — tongue in cheek — read his version of the 12 days of Christmas. Be sure to read — First Christmas . . . Cowboy Style — the spirit of the season was captured in this offering. There isn't a BB fan in the world who would object to finding this beautiful book in his/her Christmas stocking.

L. J.


This is a wonderful book – it really made me slow down and remember how much I/we love Christmas. 

* A sure fire cure for the Holiday stress.

* “The kids, the dog, the job, doc, I’m goin’ nuts.” – “Here.  Read two poems an’ call me in the mornin’.”

* It’s the fun and spirit of Christmas – the unabashed edition.

* Like a visit to all the best Christmas feelings you’ve ever had.

* A genuine feel-good read.