SCRAMBLED WISDOM, Almost isn't is ... is it

Scrambled Wisdom, Almost isn't is ... is it!    This book becomes a third in a series of fun and funny books.  It goes well with ‘The World According to Baxter Black, Quips, Quirks & Quotes’ and 'Cave Wall Graffiti from a Neanderthal Cowboy'.  As said in "The World" - this is a crossbred collection of cowboy observations, humor and perspective.  This year Baxter has collaborated with A-10 Etcheverry and Charlie Marsh to bring his anecdotes to life!  And so he continues to scatter his Scrambled Wisdom across the land.  Pull on your boots, watch where you step and check it out!

This is a 162 page, 5x8 hardcover book


Rick Huff's "Best of the West"

If the various computer auto-corrects through which it will run actually allow Baxter Black's title for his latest book to remain unlolested without major reprogramming, it'll be a miracle!   Here we have a collection of mini-essays and some poems, each with an afterthought (or Baxterthought?)...such as "if life gives you llamas, make llamanade" and "if three out of four people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean one of out five enjoys it?"...and "(when) Horace Greeley said 'go west, young man'...three hundred people in San Francisco drowned."  You get the picture, and boy what a picture. The book is dedicated to the late Pat Richardson, and some of his pearls are strung in as well. There's a good measure of educatioin here on the perils, strangeness, wonder, wackiness and indispensability of the agricultural life. Therefore, might we say Black's lives matter? Occasionally some of it will be best appreciated by his target audience and some of his traditional targets are again in his crosshairs, but when he pitches haymakers, he's just feeding the herd.  Recommended, but then when would something from BB not be?   - Rick Huff

Top poet, writer, and cowboy philosopher Baxter Black dedicates his latest book, "Scrambled Wisdom: Almost isn't it" to the late, much-missed funnyman and cowboy poet Pat Richardson. Baxter describes Pat, "...He was droll, with a monotone delivery and everytime you'd take a breath he'd drop a knee-slappin', dog-barkin' rarin' back, stomp on the floor till the possum is dead 'one liner'...that brought the house down!"  There are "Pat stories" sprinkled throughout. Baxter famously once said of Pat's poetry, "If you boined cowoy poetry down to what's worth savin', this is what the stew would smell like."   These two larger-than-life comic geniuses have inspired so many.  Scrambled Wisdom...lives up to its title. There are pithy observations on life, some with "afterthoughts" ("A cowboy without a horse is like a bird without wings. A cowboy without wings is like a bow-legged ostrich!"); aphorisms; quotations; jokes; asides; life lessons, advice ("If you can;t be kind, at least be vague"); and more. Always known for loyalty to his friends, there are mentions of and derived wisdom from many famiiar names, such as Dave Stamey, Les Buffham and Mike Fleming, Elmer Kelton, "Vikki's Grandpa Bill," and many others. Shakespeare, the Bible, and Theodore Roosevelt are represented.  The wacky wisdom is served up in one-page commentaries and sprinkle of poems, loosely collected in chapters: "Cowboy Up" "Cowboy Logic", "Horses," "Rodeo," "Farmers," "Vets and Dogs," "Workin' Cattle," "Cow Bidness," "Mumbles," "Out There," "Flag and Family," "Riding Drag," and even "Seriously, Sort of " (fear not).  With pieces as varied as "On Cowboy Advice to the Lovelorn," "On Carpooling with Cowboy Way", and "On Lizard Abuse", there are definitely more topics than a same person could imagine. The illustrations (inside by Charlie Marsh and Etinene "A-10" Etcheverry, cover by Bob Black) are also wild and numerous and even the credits are laced iwth hilarity ("Bob lives in Arizona with his beautiful wife and sneezes for a living.")  Don't look for political correctness and there is plenty that would make a librarian clutch her pearls. Most would say that is what they value in Baxter Black's humor.  The small-format hardcover is chock full of fun, and a perfect gift.   -

Burlington Record - Lucky Gipe

Just in time for Christmas gift-giving or just personal enjoyment — don't miss Baxter Black's latest offering of clever words and wisely chosen illustrations.

Don't let the title fool you — there's nothing scrambled about the contents — just more of Baxter Black's pearls of wisdom, food for thought, kernels of truth, words to the wise — the list could go on ad infinitum.  -  Lucky Gipe