Poems Worth Saving

I know what you’re thinking . . . can the very best of Baxter’s vast collection, decades worth of rhyming cow wrecks, metered sheep philosophy, and annals of alliterated antics steeped in cowboy mentality, really be contained between two hardcovers? The answer is YES!

Poems Worth Saving is a robust collection of long time favorite Baxter Black works, with some new ones sprinkled along the way!

If you have been looking for a single compendium of poetry by Baxter, yearn no more. Poems Worth Saving has sifted his 4 big book collections, in addition to new material, and combined them in 279 pages!

Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, PWS is no lightweight. It’s packed with 164 poems and stories, including: The Vegetarian’s Nightmare, The Oyster, Just a Dog, Tissue On The Range, Lucky To Be An American, The Range Fire, Cow Attack, Duck And Run Olympics, Header and Heeler, Legacy Of The Rodeo Man, Take Care Of Your Friends, and MANY MORE!

Most of these selections were chosen based on crowd reactions at live shows. Many were selected by Baxter based on laughability . . . while other pieces inspire ponderment. Some have developed a life of their own and are useful on special occasions . . . still others have found a niche in the lexicon of folks in schools, rotary meetings, sermons or hunting camps.

Cowboy poetry books are not the kind you sit down and read cover to cover. They stay by your bed, or in the outhouse, or on the coffee table.