SCRAMBLED WISDOM, Almost isn't is ... is it

A brand new, hot off the press, just in time for the holidays, book from Baxter: Scrambled Wisdom, Almost isn't is ... is it!    This book becomes a third in a series of fun and funny books.  It goes well with ‘The World According to Baxter Black, Quips, Quirks & Quotes’ and 'Cave Wall Graffiti from a Neanderthal Cowboy'.  As said in "The World" - this is a crossbred collection of cowboy observations, humor and perspective.  This year Baxter has collaborated with A-10 Etcheverry and Charlie Marsh to bring his anecdotes to life!  And so he continues to scatter his Scrambled Wisdom across the land.  Pull on your boots, watch where you step and check it out!


This is a 162 page, 5x8 hardcover book