Ride, Cowboy, Ride! 8 Seconds Ain't That Long!

Baxter’s riotous novel offers a funny, fast-paced inside look at the lives of rodeo cowboys and they women they love - or want to love.

Cooney Bedlam is a saddle bronc rider and a bull rider who has just fallen in love with the indefatigable Pica DeTroiT, but every time he tries to win her affections, he makes a fool of himself. When Pica is framed for felonious crimes, by the diabolical Oui Oui Reese, Cooney and his traveling partner Straight Line, pull out all the stops to try to prove her innocence and to compete at the National Finals Rodeo.

TwoDot Publishing
ISBN 978-0762769971
352 pages
$19.95 plus postage