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by Baxter Black, DVM

Just Say No


            - my brother says it works every time!

            - I know Pinto took her out, but she’s not that kind of girl!

            - your wife will just love a new drill press!

            - it’s the cow deal of a lifetime but I need a cosigner!

            - it’s not cleared for scours and I can’t officially recommend it but...

            - this will make you rich!

            - the Japanese eat it this way all the time!

            - the Indians ate it just like this right after they killed the buffalo!

            - I know his sire was dwarf but I don’t think it’s hereditary!

            - buy this guy in the calcutta. You’ve never heard of him but he ropes good, he just doesn’t travel much!

            - the vet says she’ll settle in spite of how it looks!

            - he just bumped it in the trailer!

            - I know they look drawn but think of the weighin’ condition!

            - I never turned a steer out on this place that didn’t gain 300 lbs!

            - yer right, it is the runt. But he’s the smartest one of the litter!

            - a little hot wire and you could run 600 buffalo on this place!

            - sure I can fix yer car. Kin I borry yer tools?

            - if she’s not in foal I’ll eat my hat!

            - this aluminum gate comes with a lifetime guarantee!

            - why, the hunting lease will make the payments on this ol’ ranch!

            - no, I’ve never heard a horse bark like that before either, but I don’t think it’s serious!

            - and with this degree in economics you’ll always be able to get a job!

            - if you elect me...